• Blouse 012 Cotton Black Hand Embroidered Kurti Small Size Shieno


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    Cotton Blouse Tunic Top Kurti

    by Ragini

    Very attractive black top with full white hand embroidery on front back and sleeves. Breathtaking hand embroidery is more than words could say. An authentic and vintage embroidered kurti for sophisticated women who crave to make a statement in the fashion world.

    Material: Cotton Summer wear.           

    Style: Straight pull over shirt, easy to wear and care.

    Size and measurements: Small.            

    Shoulder: 15"       

    Bust: 34"  

    Waist: 36    

    Hips: 38"    

    Length: 34" 

    Sleeves: 20"      

    check the measurements to avoid disappointments after your purchase.

    All sizes are approx. from half to an inch more or less than the given measurement.

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    In Bay Area CA USA

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